Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Mark Thomas, Samantha Pegg

This book will guide you through the core legal principles and rules to be tested by the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE1) Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK) assessment in criminal law. It will help you revise the fundamental principles and test your knowledge throughout by the use of SQE-style multiple-choice (single best answer) questions, as well as with practical examples of the application of the law. Case law and legislation will be provided where necessary, with the text focusing on the fundamental principles behind those common law and statutory statements.


Definition of the Offence

Parties to a Crime

Inchoate Offences

General Defences

Homicide-related Offences

Non-fatal Offences Against the Person

Theft-related Offences

Fraud-related Offences

Criminal Damage and Associated Offences

Author details

Mark Thomas is a non-practising barrister, and senior lecturer in law, specialising in criminal law, procedure and evidence. He has taught law for a number of years at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, including the Legal Practice Course (LPC). He has published academic textbooks in the field of criminal law and evidence, and have extensive experience in writing revision-style books for law students.



Samantha Pegg is a senior lecturer and course leader, specialising in criminal law. She has taught for 18 years at undergraduate and postgraduate (GDL) level and undertakes research in criminal law and legal history. She has published on sexual offences, criminal law and the role of the media in reporting criminality.


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